“Our breath is wild. Our heartbeat is wild.”

"As an adjective, the word 'wild' is used so indiscriminately as to muddle our thinking. Wild youth. Wild hair. Wild beast. But if the word is fastidiously defined to describe a homeostatic, self-organized relationship that does not require management from outside itself, then it can provide us with a meditation large enough to occupy a lifetime. By this definition our breath is wild. Our heartbeat is wild. Our digestive systems are wild... any cubic foot of healthy soil is a relational cell of the wild of such complexity as to defy rational analysis."

- Totem Salmon, Freeman House

Brett Williams teaches alignment-based vinyasa and yin yoga in Monterey, California.  She seeks to integrate physical and esoteric properties of asana yoga, a style influenced by her teacher Alison Smith.


She continues her education as a student at Kanda Yoga School, a yoga school in San Francisco.


With a Master's degree in environmental policy (and a decided penchant for taking off to the hills alone), Brett's work is deeply inspired by the wonder of the natural world. 


She believes yoga creates the inner peace, compassion, and embodiment we need individually and collectively to sustainably live on this earth.