Go Deeper

Private classes continue a long yoga tradition: studying with a teacher one on one, or  “chest to chest”. Private classes give you direct access to my individualized attention and provide clarity on questions on yoga asana or philosophy. 


Private sessions can involve developing a home practice unique to your physical needs and goals, addressing confusion from public classes (what are yoga teachers asking you to do with your tucked tailbone?), or discussing  yoga philosophies and how they inform the physical practice.  


Private sessions are held at Union Yoga Studio, 244 Pearl Street.


Private session pricing


Drop-in session $120

4 Session Package $432 ($108/session)

10 Session Package $980 ($98/session) 


Contact me directly at brettscott228@gmail.com to ask about discounted sessions if you are currently seeking recovery from an eating disorder or other addiction. Been there, feel that, here to help.